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Electra XD

On-press stability and durability
Designed to give you the ability to differentiate yourself over your competition, Kodak Electra XD Thermal Plates enable an environment for extremely high resolution output with the confidence of day-in and day-out consistency, exceptional press performance, and the versatility to adapt to most print conditions and run lengths.
Electra XD Plates perform exceptionally well in prepress and in the pressroom, where they are rated for up to 350,000 impressions without baking. Electra XD Plates can be baked for run lengths of 1 million impressions and for additional durability with harsh press chemicals and UV. These plates deliver stability and latitude in imaging, processing, and on-press performance.

High quality and efficiency
Electra XD Plates deliver extraordinarily sharp detail and stability, reducing plate remakes and variation due to dot wear and sharpening during the press run. Fast imaging and processing help maximise total throughput of the complete prepress system.
Electra XD Thermal Plates offer an exceptional combination of quality, stability, productivity, consistency and durability, making them an excellent choice for high-quality commercial and publication printing — from the shortest to the longest run jobs.

Minimising environmental impact
With the Kodak 400 xLo Chemistry System,* you can experience all of the proven bene ts of the Electra XD Plate with low chemistry usage and generated spent chemistry, extended bath life and cycle length requiring fewer interventions—all without the need to purchase a new plate processor. The Kodak 400 xLo Chemistry System can save you time and money while contributing to your sustainability goals.
Press makereadies are extremely efficient with these premium plates, minimising paper and ink waste while maintaining wide latitude on press.

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Electra Max

Maximum UV performance
UV, low-energy UV, and LED-UV have many benefits for commercial and packaging printers, but it can be challenging to find a plate that stands up to UV’s aggressive press chemicals, abrasive stocks and UV inks. KODAK ELECTRA MAX Thermal Plates were designed specifically to deliver long run lengths in UV applications, up to 150,000 impressions unbaked. So printers can get all the benefits of UV without sacrificing plate performance.

Maximum unbaked run lengths
ELECTRA MAX Plates also deliver long unbaked run lengths for traditional sheetfed and web applications. Eliminating postbaking saves time, reduces energy usage, and improves overall efficiency in prepress, and long run lengths on press help printers increase their productivity and profitability. ELECTRA MAX Plates can also be postbaked at low temperatures to maximise run length performance with difficult press conditions or applications.

Maximum resolution and robustness
The high resolution capabilities of ELECTRA MAX Plates help printers deliver outstanding print quality, and the sharp detail will impress both print buyers and consumers. ELECTRA MAX Plates are extremely durable, both in ordinary press conditions and in challenging environments, such as with abrasive substrates. The durability of the plate ensures dot stability throughout the press run, reducing plate remakes and variation.

Maximum sustainability
Truly sustainable solutions are the ones that reduce environmental impact and costs while maintaining high product performance. With competitive developer cycles, low chemistry usage,* and with no need for an expensive,
new plate processor, ELECTRA MAX Plates help printers reduce the cost and environmental impact of plate processing. Also, the plate’s long unbaked run length capability can reduce the need for postbaking.

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Trillion SP

Better for your business, better for the planet
Commercial printers face competitive pressures to improve ef ciency and reduce turnaround time, while increasing consistency and quality. Kodak Trillian SP Thermal Plates help printers meet these challenges with an impressive combination of outstanding productivity and performance, low total cost of use and reduced environmental impact when compared to typical digital processed plates in the market today.
Trillian SP Plates feature a proprietary negative working coating
that provides high productivity, strong resolution, excellent chemical resistance and image durability without the need for post baking. Trillian SP Plates deliver sharp detail and stability for short and
long run AM and FM applications, for up to 500,000 impressions, even in harsh chemical environments. They are ideal for a variety
of applications, including small and large commercial sheetfed and commercial publication (book) applications and certain heatset web, offset packaging and UV print applications.

Exceptional productivity and efficiency
Trillian SP Plates offer extremely fast processing speeds, and removing preheating and potentially postbaking improves turnaround time and the overall efficiency of the plate making process.
Press makereadies are extremely efficient with Trillian SP Plates, minimising paper and ink waste. In addition, wide latitude and stability on press mean you spend less time overseeing the process and adjusting for variations.

Reduce total cost of use
Utilising up to 70% less chemistry* than previous plate systems, Trillian SP Plates significantly reduce chemistry, storage and disposal costs. Trillian SP Plates use a low replenishment plate solution that delivers long processing cycles and reduces overall chemistry consumption and generated waste, helping printers to minimise their environmental impact while reducing their costs.

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